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Update on the future of careers guidance

June 2, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, Labour MPs tried to amend the Education Bill to ensure that the provision of “high quality face-to-face careers advice” would be compulsory – but the amendment was voted down.

 From April 2012, schools and colleges will have neither the funding nor the legal obligation to provide this kind of careers advice, and the proposed National Careers Service will only give face-to-face advice to adults. The Association of School & College Leaders (ASCL) and theInstituteofCareers Guidanceboth supported the amendment which was proposed by Shadow Education Secretary Andy Burnham.

 More recently (reported in TES, 27 May 2011), Michael Gove has not confirmed how careers advice for 16-19 year olds will be funded  – a parliamentary question from Shadow FE Minister Gordon Marsden about whether the Department for Education will contribute any direct funding for the “all ages” advice service, announced by BIS in April.

 Schools will be responsible for providing independent careers advice up to the age of 16, and “subject to consultation”, this may be extended to cover 16-18 year olds in schools and colleges – but no specific funding has yet been announced, and if DfE doesn’t contribute towards it, the Opposition fear that advice for potential apprentices and post-16 students will only come from phone helplines.

 More news on the DfE and ICG websites ( and  and the blog will be watching developments.

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