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Bournville College regional meeting – a great day out

April 26, 2012

We had an excellent meeting at Bournville College last week, visiting what can only be described as an iconic building at the heart of a massive redevelopment on the former Longbridge carplant.

Our speakers covered a wide range of topics: first, Paul Browning and Stephanie Stephenson of  Wiltshire College took us through the planning and delivery of their 100 in 100 Apprenticeships campaign 2011, which signed up its 100th candidate at 4.30pm on the very last day! They were also brave enough to share the progress of their current 2012 campaign, and to talk us through all the lessons learned along the way.

Alma Aganovic, head of marketing and Assistant Principal at Bournville, gave us an overview of the launch of the new college – a massive undertaking which made full use of social media and included a gala night for 500 guests with entertainment from Chris Tarrant.

Alex Swann highlighted the benefits of online enrolment, and showed s0me of the facilities in Lesniak Swann’s eEnrol product, then we enjoyed a  really good buffet lunch provided by the college’s cheerful and efficient catering team.

After lunch, Richard Boniface of RCU took us through the interim findings of the research that RCU has been carrying out, with our support, into the uses of data in marketing. These results look really fascinating, and will be disseminated to all members soon, and will inform the production of a good practice guide for marketers.

Finally, members of Alma’s marketing team took us on a tour of the new building, which has plenty to showcase, including a huge gym and fitness centre, enormous resource centre on 4 levels, and much more. Although it currently overlooks a huge building site, we also saw the developer’s plans for a new shopping centre, housing, restaurants and offices – a whole new town with the college at its centre.

Thanks to Bournville College for hosting the day and to all the staff for making us welcome.

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