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HE in FE – two recent publications from BIS

August 6, 2012

The Government published its response to the consultations on its proposals to reform the HE sector in June, and if you haven’t caught up with them yet, the report is at the link below:

Key proposals that will affect FE colleges are included especially in Chapter 4: “A diverse and responsive sector”. The flexible “core and margin” model will allow unrestricted recruitment of high achieving students and a flexible margin of 20,000 places for HE providers of good quality and value for money who charge fees at or below an average of £7500. The KIS, or set of standard data will be required from all HE providers and the ability to award degrees and the criteria for styling an institution “university” will be reviewed.

The Department for Business Innovation & skills has also published a research report “Understanding HE in FE” which examines a wide range of topics, including students, programmes, teaching, the HE experience of students in FEIs, concerns about costs, and much more. It concludes, perhaps not surprisingly, that the HE in FE sector is very different from college to college, and that this heterogeneity leads to both flexibility and responsiveness as well as challenges. Chapter 4, Strategies, and Chapter 5 Decisions and experiences of students, both include some interesting findings, and there is an Executive Summary for an overview of the whole report.

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