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Effective Practice Guide to making use of data in marketing

September 6, 2012

Research has always been a high priority for The College Marketing Network, and that’s why we were so keen to get involved with the RCU on a research project commissioned by LSIS earlier this year, looking at the effective use of data in marketing. Through online surveys, research workshops and in-depth interviews, we’ve learned how marketers are sourcing and using data to inform their marketing, and just as importantly, how college managers view the role of marketers in understanding the college community.

Now the research is complete and a new Effective Practice Guide on using data in marketing has been published on the Excellence Gateway (, which brings together what’s been learnt, and provides case studies, sources and techniques to support college staff in researching their communities. Most importantly, it lists the “ten top tips” that will ensure colleges – both managers and marketers – are making the most of research in their annual planning cycles.

These include ensuring strategic commitment, identifying responsibilities, and creating a single access point for data – nothing makes effective use of data more difficult than not knowing who holds it, but often vital information, for example about employer links, is held by a number of managers across a college rather than all in one place. Other tips for success are to identify the key questions you need to research – it’s not often possible to research everything at once – and to create a market intelligence plan for each key question.

In our 25th year, our Annual Conference will be focussing on developing these skills.



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