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Labour proposals for the future of FE

October 8, 2012

Labour Party leader Ed Miliband put “the forgotten 50 per cent” of students and the FE system at the heart of his conference speech last Tuesday, with proposals to back a new Technical Baccalaureate and to place £1 billion of apprenticeship funding in employers’ hands.

Mr Miliband confirmed that Labour would continue the current policy to require young people to continue studying English and maths to the age of 18.  But he also said: “There really is a choice of two futures. Education for a narrower and narrower elite with the Conservatives, and a One Nation system as part of a One Nation economy with the next Labour government.”

Gordon Marsden, the shadow FE minister, said the difference between labour proposals and the coalition lay in the fact that the education secretary, Michael Gove, had ignored much of the advice given by experts such as Professor Alison Wolf, accepting recommendations on academic rigour but ignoring proposals aimed at increasing the credibility of technical and vocational education.

Read more, including responses from UCU, the AoC and the new FE Minister Matthew Hancock, at

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