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New report proposes FE Guild

October 26, 2012

A review of professionalism in the FE sector led by Lord Lingfield has proposed the creation of an FE Guild to set professional standards. The report, published on 23rd October, also proposes powers to set pay scales, rationalise qualifications and replace Ofsted inspections with peer review. The guild should cover support staff as well as teachers, and could offer “chartered status” to colleges with outstanding providers given greater freedom of operations.

The Government has announced that it will take forward the creation of the Guild.

The BIS website reported: The creation of a guild that will give more autonomy to the sector and a requirement for teachers of English and Maths to have specialist qualifications are two of the outcomes from Lord Lingfield’s review into further education.

Lord Lingfield, working with an expert panel, was commissioned by the Government to see how to raise standards and professionalism in the sector so it can best serve its students and workforce. 

Their conclusions include the endorsement of a guild that would enhance the status of the sector by providing a single body to set professional standards and codes of behaviour, as well as develop qualifications.

They also recommend that high performing colleges and providers should be recognised and given more freedom with the independent and publicly recognisable award of chartered status.

In addition, they recommend that teachers of English and Maths as well as those working with students with learning difficulties or disabilities should have specialist qualifications.

In response the Government has announced that it will take forward the creation of a guild.

At the launch of the review at the Building Crafts College in East London, Skills Minister Matthew Hancock said:

“I want our FE colleges to be a beacon of excellence, open to the best teachers and providing high quality training.

“We have asked the Association of Colleges to take forward their partnership’s proposals for a guild that will support and enhance the professional standing of those who teach in further education, and I look forward to working with them to develop these.”

Lord Lingfield said: “I would like to thank the former FE and Skills Minister John Hayes for giving me the opportunity to lead this important piece of work, and my expert panel for their support over the last nine months.

“I believe the proposals in our interim and final reports will help free the FE sector from unnecessary regulation and bureaucracy and enable it to take responsibility for its own professionalism.

To see the full report, visit:

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