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The FE Campaign: telling the FE story

December 21, 2012

FE Campaign: Telling the FE story

You may be aware of the “FE Campaign”, an initiative launched in November by Kim Thorneywork, Chief Executive of the Skills Funding Agency, to promote the value of FE. The Kindred Agency has been retained to work on the campaign, and I have received the information below from them about the campaign. If you would like to get involved, please contact them on the email address at the end.

The following information is supplied by Kindred Agency:

Who is involved?

A collaboration of leading sector organisations, including the Skills Funding Agency, the Association of Colleges (AoC), the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP), LSIS, NIACE, the 157 Group, UKCES and the National Apprenticeship Service launched the new campaign at The Skills Show on Friday 16 November to promote further education and skills.

Who is the FE campaign targeting?

Currently in its initial six month period, the campaign is primarily targeting SMEs and parents to show the tangible benefits of further education to the economy. The campaign aims to show how FE and skills create genuine positive outcomes for learners and the employers they work for.  The campaign is also reaching key opinion formers and stakeholders.

About the campaign

As you will be aware, the further education system in England is well-established, offering academic and vocational programmes from entry level to higher education. The range of subjects is huge; from pure and applied sciences, languages, and IT to health and social care, arts and humanities, and teacher training.

The scale of FE

  • FE engages with more than 3 million learners each year
  • FE has direct contact with 140,000 employers
  • 80% of FE learners go on to employment or further learning
  • 85% of FE learners and 78% of employers express satisfaction with their FE experience

Yet the perceptions held by FE’s potential customers – the public and employers – do not match the reality, meaning FE can struggle to get its contribution heard. These key audiences are not aware of the characteristics of FE provision, and parents and SME employers in particular do not realise the possible opportunities associated with FE and skills. The long term effect is that making skills work for England becomes a more difficult task for the sector to deliver.

This campaign focuses on twin strands of reputation and progression and will show how FE can help people to advance to the next rung of the ladder.  The campaign is also celebrating success within the sector to engender a sense of pride in FE and to demonstrate in real terms what the sector helps people to achieve.

This collaborative, cross-sector campaign will showcase real examples of learners and employers who have benefited from choosing FE. By bringing this campaign to life, this work will increase understanding of what FE can offer and help to change the perceptions so that the FE sector is celebrated as excellent, dynamic and transformative – ensuring that its reputation matches the reality of FE and learning and skills.


How you can be involved

  • Case studies – We would love to hear stories and examples of learners and employers who have benefited from FE and skills and would be happy to be featured in the media. We also want to hear from tutors and trainers with an interesting story to tell about their experiences and the impact they have had. There is a template for case studies available.
  • Twitter – We are looking for support via social media too, so please join the conversation by tagging relevant tweets with #fe4me. You can retweet from the feeds of the SFA, NAS etc as well.

If you have any questions about the campaign, contact

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