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City of Westminster College regional meeting report

May 14, 2013

At our City of Westminster College regional meeting, we had four speakers covering another wide range of topics. To start us off, Rebekah Westgate from one of our sixth form college members, BSix in Hackney, talked us through her college’s developing community engagement strategy, which is making maximum use of student participation to determine its direction.

Chichester College is one of the country’s leading providers for international students, and Head of Marketing Helen Ward gave an overview of the strategy and operations of the college’s international marketing activities. From marketing materials and website requirements to the pros and cons of working in a range of different countries, Helen had a wealth of experience to share and tips to pass on.

Alec Brand introduced a research project he had commissioned for Greenwich Community College into young people’s decision-making, which had some unexpected outcomes and findings. For example, hardly any of the young people surveyed had heard of apprenticeships or knew what they were.

Finally Angela Bucknor gave a presentation about Waltham Forest’s new mobile website and online application facility, which had a huge impact on their applications numbers by simplifying the process and making it more accessible. Now into its second year, the application is being enhanced and improved.

Our meeting was up on the 6th floor of the college, which has a fantastic view all around central and north London. We all spent time over the lunch break identifying landmarks like Lords Cricket Ground and the Wembley arch! Our thanks to our speakers and to the college for hosting us.

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