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Colleges to recruit 14-15 year olds from September

July 30, 2013

A list of FE colleges approved to enrol 14-15 year olds from September has been announced.

The DfE website states that: “The new 14 to 16 centres will offer a combination of high quality vocational and academic subjects and aim to attract students of all abilities who want early access to practical and technical education.”

Under current legislation, FE colleges and sixth-form colleges have powers to provide “secondary education” to compulsory school age pupils. Following the Wolf report, whose recommendations on vocational education the government accepted, a college implementation group was set up. Consisting of experienced colleges principals, the remit was ’to work with Department for Education and BIS officials to gather and share practical information about the process of 14 to 16 enrolment and to identify and help address any legislative or other barriers’ and report their findings to ministers.

In December 2012, the Minister for Skills, Matthew Hancock, wrote to the co-chairs of the group to announce that from September 2013, full-time enrolment of 14- to 16-year-olds in college would be “a new avenue for providing technical education for this age group…”

Colleges that wished to offer key stage 4 provision were advised that a notification of their intent should be provided to the EFA by 30 June 2013. The 7 colleges listed below meet the entry criteria as at 15 July 2013 to commence delivery from September 2013:

  • Halesowen College. Local authority: Dudley
  • Middlesbrough College. Local authority: Middlesbrough
  • Leeds City College. Local authority: Leeds
  • Newcastle College Group. Local authority: Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Accrington and RossendaleCollege. Local authority: Lancashire
  • Hull College. Local authority: Kingston upon Hull
  • Hadlow College. Local authority: Kent

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