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FE First Awards 2013: Social Media Campaign

September 6, 2013

This NEW award recognises that social media campaigns are a vital part of the marketing mix. The submission should describe a specific campaign with a defined time period, and should include the range of platforms used, the rationale and any research behind the campaign and the outcomes and evaluation of the campaign. Your entry should make clear the purpose, aims and objectives, methods and media used, and include an evaluation of how far your aims and objectives were met.

Judges will be looking for an integrated and innovative use of social media, showing how you have brought together the platforms/media chosen into a coherent strategy, probably with a common theme throughout and a common message across every platform. The entry should describe a specific campaign with a start and end date: it may be a recruitment campaign but the category is not exclusively for recruitment campaigns and you may enter any social media campaign with a discrete aim and audience. All entries should include clear, stated, measurable aims and objectives to enable evaluation of its success.

If you’ve run a good social media campaign this year, why not enter it for the FE First Awards 2013 – more information on the website at Closing date 26 September 2013.

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