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FE First Awards: 14-19/Summer Campaign, sponsored by Net Natives

September 10, 2013

This category recognises all the elements of a campaign aimed at this age group, so could include both written and digital media as well as associated events and activities. It is therefore likely to be a recruitment campaign though this is not necessarily essential. The submission should include identification of the target group(s), rationale for the choice of target group(s), any research done to inform the campaign, description of and rationale for the media created to support the campaign, SMART objectives for the campaign that are evaluated, and the outcomes of the campaign.

To win the Award, the judges will be looking for an original and inspiring campaign that is relevant to the target group, and one that is effectively evaluated against clear objectives, relevant to the college’s Strategic and/or Marketing Plan. A good submission which clearly describes and assesses the impact of the campaign will be equally important, as it demonstrates your ability to be objective. Judges will want to see any research you have done, either before the campaign to inform the rationale and planning, or afterwards into the impact and outcomes.

If you’ve run a good 14-19 campaign this year, why not enter it for the FE First Awards 2013 – more information on the website at Closing date 26 September 2013.

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