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FE First Award 2013 for Collaboration

September 11, 2013

This category recognises that colleges are working with a variety of partners on collaborative projects which have their own marketing challenges. Partners may include other colleges, schools, local authorities, private providers, employers, associations, or charities; the project could be to reach a particular target group like employers, to promote a partnership, develop new services or respond to local initiatives. The key element is the description of how the partners have worked together to reach their objectives, how the partnership came about and how closely it has reached its aims, particularly in terms of joint marketing planning and implementation. If it is an ongoing project, are there any interim targets that you have reached that are a step on the way to your final objectives?

The entry should list all the partners with their respective roles, and describe the objectives, the relationship to the college’s strategic plan and the role of the marketing team. Information about joint marketing planning will be a key element of the entry, to show how collaboration is working in practice. We recognise that the college may not be the leading partner and that evaluation of the effectiveness of the joint marketing may be more difficult to include if it is carried out by the group but ask that you include as much as you can in support of the entry.

If you’ve been involved in or led a good collaboration project this year, why not enter it for the FE First Awards 2013 – more information on the website at Closing date 26 September 2013.

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