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FE First Awards 2013: Print Publication

September 19, 2013

This category is open to any print publication produced by the marketing department. It could be your Annual Report, your full-time prospectus, a magazine-style publication aimed at your part-time adult market, or a significant publication produced for a specific purpose.  A print publication is defined for the purposes of this award as one that it is of a significant size, not one that could be defined as a leaflet, and may include newsprint and black and white as well as colour, “glossy” productions: your entry should therefore include an explanation of why you chose the format used.

Another key element for your submission is your target audience. The submission should also include the rationale for the publication, any research done to inform the publication, a description of and rationale for the design and circulation of the publication, SMART objectives for what the publication was intended to achieve that are clearly evaluated, and the feedback to and outcomes of the publication’s circulation.

To win the Award, the judges will be looking for an original and inspiring publication which is relevant to the target group and to the objectives set for it, and one that is effectively evaluated against these objectives. The objectives should be shown to be relevant to the college’s Strategic and/or Marketing Plan. A good submission which clearly describes and assesses the impact of the publication will be as important as the publication, as it demonstrates your ability to be descriptive and objective. This is not just a design award: the supporting rationale and analysis is equally important.

If you’ve produced a great print publication this year, why not enter it for the FE First Awards 2013 – more information on the website at Closing date 26 September 2013.

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