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Research Project Award

September 20, 2013

Good research is the foundation for effective marketing. This award asks how you have used research to inform your work: it could be a simple internal research project you’ve done yourself, or an external research project you’ve commissioned, but you must show the reasons for doing it, how the findings were used as part of your marketing strategy and an evaluation of whether your objectives were achieved.

The judges are looking for an explanation of how you identified the need for the research and how you identified the kind of research to be carried out. Reference to the college’s strategic plan and your marketing plan may be particularly important in this category if the research relates to improving or developing your work with a new stakeholder group, or in a new area, for example.

You may include a copy of the research report itself, but the key elements of the entry will be an analysis of what the findings told you and how you used these findings for the benefit of the college. An analysis of the cost-benefits of carrying out the research could also be included: was the money spent on this research worthwhile in terms of the benefits that resulted from the campaign you put in place?

If you’ve made effective use of research this year, why not enter your project for the FE First Awards 2013 – more information on the website at Closing date 26 September 2013.

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