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Deputy Prime Minister announces a new information service for young people

February 28, 2014

Nick Clegg yesterday announced new support for young people who don’t want to go to university – a UCAS-style service involving a single website and improved careers education in schools. For more details see his speech at

The 157 Group of larger colleges welcomed the announcement and said: “Today’s commitment is a very positive step towards making sure that the choice of a vocational pathway is seen as a natural and valued one for everyone. Further education colleges serve many people on vocational programmes who are experiencing educational success that they otherwise might not have had. But too many young people either do not know about these options or, as recent research by the Edge Foundation found, are actively put off pursuing vocational pathways. The deputy prime minister is right to acknowledge that this has to change if we are to solve the problem of youth unemployment and encourage great economic prosperity for all.”

They also cautioned: “We are, however, keen to see what policies will lie behind this commitment in practice. We will be seeking assurance that the proposed website and the new guidance will actually make a genuine improvement to the quality of young people’s educational experience.”

So we look forward to more information and detail …..


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