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ETF Operational Plan 2014-16

August 7, 2014

The Education & Training Foundation’s Operational Plan for 2014-16 includes Vocational Educational and Training as one of its 3 key priorities – including building and developing relationships and reputational work with employers.

The report sets out “The Challenge” as follows:

A sustained return to prosperity will depend on being much more ambitious about the capacity of individuals, employers and vocational teachers and trainers to raise their game. Strong advanced economies need high quality vocational education and training that can support individuals, businesses and communities to grow and succeed. In England, we need a VET system that develops the ability to perform in a job, and provides a platform for progression and economic growth.

As a country, we know how to do vocational education and training well. The Commission on Adult Vocational Teaching and Learning7 (CAVTL) reported on “genuinely world-class vocational provision in a whole range of settings”, but the Commission also found that practice is inconsistent, paradoxically ‘because of the requirement to work within a system that continues to specify so much from the centre’. The challenge is to combine the need for quality standards with a locally responsive system, and to build on the expertise we have, to make it more visible and replicate it more widely….

We can only build a strong VET system in partnership with others, especially employers of all sizes. Therefore our strategic relationships and reputational work, in particular with employers, are critical as a means to achieving our goals on VET linked to the sector….

The “Intended Outcomes” of the Plan include:

  • A strong VET system, which increases the volume, quality and impact of vocational education and training at levels 3 to 5.
  • Enhanced reputation of the FE and training sector in the eyes of employers large and small, as they see themselves as all part of one VET system, not in a supplier/consumer relationship.


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