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New campaign urges investment in career guidance

March 8, 2012

 Press release from Institute of Career Guidance:

 Action on Careers: making a difference is a UK-wide campaign being launched today (Thursday 8 March) by the Institute of Career Guidance (ICG). The aim of the campaign is to urge government and employers to invest in career guidance at a time of rising unemployment and economic uncertainties.

A key campaign objective is to ensure that everyone who needs access to expert career guidance should receive it – where they want it, when they want it and how they want it. The picture across the UK in terms of the availability of career guidance is varied, with people in some areas struggling to get access to guidance. The Institute of Career Guidance is urging individuals, government and employers to invest in career guidance to help the UK return to growth and support those people who are struggling to find a job or direction in their lives.

Action on Careers shows how career guidance makes a difference – to the wellbeing of individuals, theUK economy and society at large.

It shows how career guidance

  • helps to maximise UK’s talent for a strong economy
  • helps people to understand what’s out there, both learning and work -– now and in the future
  • helps people to aim high and achieve their potential
  • helps build communities where individuals understand how they can contribute.

 Sarah Finnegan-Dehn, President of the Institute of Career Guidance, says:

 “We are urging government and employers to invest in career guidance to help theUKreturn to growth and support those people who are struggling to find a job or seeking a new direction in their lives The UK job market is complicated. So it is vital that people whatever their age and level of achievement can access guidance when  they need it.  We are particularly concerned that face-to-face career guidance, delivered by professionally qualified impartial careers professionald will simply not be on offer to many people. Career guidance is about supporting, challenging and empowering individuals and this cannot always be done via a website or talking to an adviser on the phone.”

She adds: “We support the Government’s creation of a National Careers Service in England. But in an era of austerity, rising unemployment and economic uncertainty, we must continue to invest in career guidance.”

The launch of the campaign will take place on 8 March during National Careers Week at the National Career Guidance Show (7-8 March) in Wembley.

A postcard for campaign supporters to send to their MP or elected representative can be downloaded from the website

A copy of the campaign logo is also available for download from the website.



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